Final Proyect Uncomplete part

Hi everyone here i share our final presentantion in english class level 5 , it was so nice to finally finish this and also recieve really good comments and grade about this.  This time i present the unfinished part of our work because one of our teammates couldn't finish her part of the work on time, i hope she can finish it soon so i can upload the whole proyect.

People in my life

Well this time im gonna show some of the people that i share good momments , unfortunely i didn't have pic of all of them so i can't talk or share about them this time.(But Im gonna Update this later.)

My GrandMother: I love this woman, she is really kind and sweet, one of my favorite person in all world and i also love her food and desserts haha , she really care about me since i was little and my family, she says that i always gonna be her little boy~

My Parents: My Guide on this life.
My Mother: a really sweet and dedicate woman , she really care about her family and has a really big heart, she is like a little girl sometimes.. im telling this in a good way.Really dedicated for whatever she do.
My Parent: a really wise man, that really knows to have a good conversation , but a little temperamental, a very kind person.

My Little Brother: Haha this guy is really funny ,very smart for his age that sometimes surprise me, he now knows to play guitar, still learning but knows how to play some metallica songs and hotel california, i got really good hopes in this guy i love him.

My Big Brother: A little temperamental too, he is a guy that is very smart too, but a little lazy and forgetful (a little like me LoL), very kind too i hope your can archieve your goals "brothaa"

My Girl: Yes, this is my girlfriend *-* i really love this girl, she has a really big heart, really smart and beautiful girl, i really want to be with her forever, i really wish to get our relationship in a higher level, i want to archieve this goal together when we can.

These are the people that i can talk for now, which is my family( My Girl makes part of family for me).
Until next time.

Comparing Two Restaurant and Talking about Them

Like you have read in one of my previous post, my favorite food is the Cachapa, so my favorite restaurant has to be one that actually make good cachapas right? Cachapas los Maracuchos is a good restaurant that is located in Valera-Trujillo state,near my family house i really like how they prepare that delicious cachapa melted cheese plus "queso de año" its a grated cheese and normal cheese. Yeah i love cheese.

The Prices are fair for the really good taste of this cachapas, also the service its quite well beside the wait for the food (you really want to get your food fast when you have hungry) but they give everything you need and good environment., locate is easy to find but not a good one, its located in a highway

Also there is a new restaurant nearby Called "Sensei Sushi", The sushi it's a really nice dish but there aren't to much restaurants of it, so it's nice to see this also really taste yum!. 
The price are a little high, but well the thing is sushi is a little expensive in almost everywhere, maybe because is not a common food in these parts, the service its quite fast and the location is a good one, the only big andv good mall in valera.

My Favorite Food

My favorite food is the Cachapa.It's a traditional dish from Venezuela.It's like a sweet/savory corn-omelet filled

usually with cheese and depending of your tastes it can have jam or meat or whatever you think it's good for you.

I like to eat it Hot, and because of it sweet-soft flavor it can be eat on anytime of the day.


This is my first blog!!. So i want to share with you my school homework from English Level 5,to practice my speaking, and to improve more my abilities on it. Also probably i will post some interestings things here in the future.

My name’s Juan Pablo Briceño. I’m from Trujillo, originally and i live in Maracaibo, in the urbanization Naranjal.I’m 21 years old and I study electronic engineering at URBE . My favorite subject is English. This trimester I'm taking 5 classes and I am in the 5th trimester. 

I love music, watching movies and online series, playing video games, swimming , surfing the net, my family and pets/animals.

Also enjoy sharing alot of my activities with my girlfriend, it's so great to have a person to share all the things you like.

I hate noise people, i hate noise... i hate vallenato and reggaeton music and mostly hate when people puts that music louder, even late at night.

My dream..well, remember the people that often say "i want to make a journey to find myself" or something like that, well it might be what i need, because a really want to travel a know more about this world, its a good start having a career, expanding yourself and hopefully find a good oportunity.

About English is an interesting subject because is there when we learned and continue learning to understand another language, a language that is good for comunicate with people around the world , even if they don't speak english as native language, we can use that language to understand each other so is amazing.